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7 reasons you should use a hair serum

Your hair is extremely important when talking about expressing yourself. It possesses a vital position in your non-verbal communication. Things such as dryness, extreme damage, split ends and also frizz, make it challenging to get perfect hair. All these problems are caused because of inadequate moisture and nourishment for your hair. This is when the hair serum comes into the picture.

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Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review

High-quality, affordable, stunning makeup…. uhm… yes please. From their super shock shadows, ultra matte lippies and my newest favourite, the No filter concealer; the brand continues to evolve into a cosmetic titan with each passing year. Proving to the world that luxury doesn’t always have to break the bank.

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Jordana to me has always been one of those drug store brands that usually produces pretty decent products for a good price. In fact, when I was starting out in make up as a teen, Jordana lipsticks were my first loves and holy grails at the time. They provided great shades and good colour payoff

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