7 reasons you should use a hair serum

Guest Post: 7 reasons you should use a hair serum

Your hair is extremely important when talking about expressing yourself. It possesses a vital position in your non-verbal communication. Early mornings when your hair is in place, things are great. However, if the hair seems to be having a bad day, it turns off your mood immediately. Things such as dryness, extreme damage, split ends and also frizz, make it challenging to get perfect hair. These kinds of hair issues are normal in every woman’s life. The real problem is to identify a solution when dealing with these hair issues. All these problems are caused because of inadequate moisture and nourishment for your hair. Each time you wash your tresses, your hair loses its moisture and can feel brittle after a while. Moreover, the everyday hair styling and the usage of heating devices dehydrate your hair causing them to be dry, dull as well as frizzy.

Our hair is exposed to the sun and pollutants each and every single day. This results in extensive damage to the hair. Although oiling and washing will help eliminate any dirt and grime in the hair, it may not necessarily shield the hair from environmental damage. This is when the hair serum comes into the picture.

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Below is a list of reasons why you should use a hair serum:

1. Provides lustre to dull hair immediately

Besides getting rid of tangles, serums instantly add lustre to boring and dull locks with the help of silicone which is the main ingredient in hair serums.

2. Enriches Your mane

It gives you all sorts of nourishment to your mane with their high-quality ingredients. Oils are active elements in making sure your mane continues to be enriched. What more do you require apart from a healthy, happy mane!

3. Helps to keep It soft and frizz free

Obtain silky and frizz free locks which help to handle dense and rebellious hair. The serum will keep hair smooth and frizz free which means you can have a great hair day.

4. Shields hair from damage

A number of hair serums guarantee you of Ultraviolet protection. Exposing hair to the rays of the sun continuously can harm your hair. Therefore, these kinds of hair serums can certainly protect your hair from damage caused by the sun-rays.

5. Protects hair from heat and styling tools

Our hair suffers through several hours of heat and never-ending styling which may dry and destroy our hair. It makes sure that your hair receives the desired hydration and maintains the gloss and shine in spite of the excessive styling we put our locks through.

6. Helps minimize the loss of hair

An ideal hair serum includes vitamin E which makes your hair strong and puts a stop to hair loss by filling up the cracks in the hair cuticles and making it stronger.

7. Nourishes dehydrated Hair

It will help to nourish damaged and dry hair to keep them looking as well as feeling healthy. A coin-sized amount of the hair serum, when spread through the mid-lengths and tips of the hair, will certainly make your hair appear shiny and hydrated.


Hair Serum for different hair types:

Straight and Wavy:

Thinner textures do not need to go heavy on the serum. There is practically nothing worse than limp hair. Use 2 or 3 pumps on towel-dried hair beginning with the tips, when hair is flipped upside down. You should not apply the hair serum to the scalp, it leads to build up and will weigh the hair down. Just a couple of drops is how much hair serum you need for this texture because it adds a done-up look to simple hairstyles.

Curly to Coarse:

For curly to kinky textures, making use of the product prior to applying heat will help make strands stand up against breakage as well as provide you with an attractive shiny finish. Put on around 2 additional pumps than suggested before flat ironing/hairstyling or perhaps post-shampooing. I even put a couple of drops to my deep conditioner sometimes when I desire extra vibrancy. This is a way to use hair serum for thicker textures.

Damaged Hair:

Heat, as well as chemical damage, are no joke. Although hair serums won’t overturn what’s already done, they assist in, guarding your strands with the silicone wall all through the healthy hair journey. Use around 4-5 pumps liberally all through towel dried hair.

How to use a hair serum?

Regardless of what the hair type, it is very important to learn how to utilize hair serum. Hair serum is not well suited for greasy hair. Hair serums safeguard the hair against impurities and Ultra violet rays, therefore applying to unwashed hair restricts the serum to nourish the hair. And also, do not rub towel dry, hair just before use, delicately scrunch the hair with a soft natural cotton t-shirt or maybe a microfiber towel!

Picking out the right hair serum

Probably the most essential things to acquire the advantages of a hair serum is to choose a product that actually matches your hair type. Hair serums can be bought in different price ranges however if you really love your hairs by no means get driven by the cheapest price. Purchase a hair serum from a known brand so that you will really get what you are paying for.

1. Research:

Prior to buying a hair serum, it is necessary that you are completely aware of your hair type as well as what precisely you are searching for from the serum. Moreover, you should not miss-out to check the reviews on the various hair serums that can be purchased to discover a serum which is actually formulated to your specific hair needs.

2. Ingredients:

To decide whether the hair serum that you happen to be thinking about probably will do what you want it to, you will need to evaluate the product's ingredients. For a product that deals with frizz, it is beneficial to search for an ingredient known as Dimethicone, a silicone-based lubricating and also a conditioning agent. Other items whose names conclude with “-one” shows silicone content and generally are fantastic picks. In case your focus is on repair, keep in mind that hair is mostly made up of protein, therefore it is advisable to search for serums which contain it.

One more common reason for hair serum use is promoting shininess. If this is right in your situation, you should look for all-natural oils, for example, Macadamia nut oil or Argan oil. All these have a reputation for providing hair shine and for supplying nutrition. As is the case along with other hair care products, for those who have had color treatment, it is advisable to make use of products that have been designed specifically for this reason.

3. Serum type:

You need to remember that there are different types of hair, also among individuals of the same ethnicity. Some people may have thin hair, while others might have thick hair which is tough to manage. This should be factored into your decision since it can determine whether you require a light-weight, normal or extra-strength hair serum.

Furthermore, keep in mind that hair care products usually are created to generate optimal results when items of a specific line are utilized together. While you are picking a hair serum, you should consider in case you are curious about using the related products. If you at present are using a brand of products that are best for you and you have no desire to switch, in that case, your search for a hair serum must start within that family of products.

This marvellous product not only makes your hair shine but safeguards it from external elements like dust, pollutants, and humidity. Make your hair shinier, smoother and softer with the aid of hair serums. Hopefully, these guidelines assist you to choose from the countless advantages discussed. Have a happy hair day!

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