Make Eyes Pop with Jordana Color Evny

 A few weekends ago I popped into Fontana Pharmacy for a little looksy. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I was really just trying to kill a little time. But then I saw the Jordana Color envy liquid eyeliner and thought it looked pretty good and decided I’d give it a try.

Jordana Color Envy

Jordana to me has always been one of those drug store brands that usually produces pretty decent products for a good price. In fact, when I was starting out in make up as a teen, Jordana lipsticks were my first loves and holy grails at the time. They provided great shades and good colour payoff.

 I must admit I’m not up-to-date with ALL the beauty products that have been released over the years, so I hadn’t heard about the product before but a quick internet search revealed that this product had been out for a few years and was pretty well liked. Still I didn’t know if the quality of the product would match up to the hype.


What Jordana claims:

Jordana describes the product as a super-saturated colour that lines, defines, accentuates and glides on smooth and snag-free using a long, thin-tipped brush. Jordana claims this liquid eyeliner stays budge-proof during the wettest weather, the saddest movies and even quick dips in the pool! This liner stays right where you put it until you decide it’s time to take it off!


The liners retail for $2.49 USD for 3ml of product and are available in 10 colours (Black Envy, Brown Desire, Paradise Beauty, Menthe Passion, Royal Wish, Antique Linger, Silver Craze, Star Glam, Wine Obsession and Black Diamond). I wasn’t sure how well this would work out, so I started simple and got it in the colour Black Envy!

The packaging is a simple plastic cylinder with the outside/casing in the same colour as the liner shade so you can easily see the colours both on the tube itself and also on the base.


My Review:

I was really impressed with this product. First of all, the pigment payoff was superb!!! It glided on the lids really easily with the short flexible brush tip, thus allowing you to get a pretty accurate shape along the lash line.

In addition, it dries matte and actually dries fairly quickly to make your peepers pop. Don’t worry though it still allows you time to shape the line. However, once dried it lasts for majority of the day. And it won’t be removed unless you intentionally are rubbing your eyes or trying to remove the liner.

Jordana Color Envy

Overall, I really liked this Jordana color envy eyeliner. It was easy to apply, really pigmented and lasted for hours!!! For the most part, it stayed put until I wanted it gone!!! It’s a great bang for your buck so I definitely recommend and I’m even looking into getting a few of the other shades.

So how about you? Have you tried this product before? What about this shade or any other shade? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave comments down below and let’s get to chatting.








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