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Fort Charles, Kingston, Jamaica

Once notoriously known as ‘the richest and wickedest city’ in the world; Port Royal, Jamaica is one of the last shreds of a pirate glory that overtook the seven seas in the 1600s. With Fort Charles being one of the last narrators still present telling epic tales of the pirate history that was once Jamaica’s most identifiable landmark.

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The Ultimate 2019 Adventure List

The year 2018 was one of the most traveled years I’ve had in a while. I not only traveled to tonnes of new places; but I also embraced and welcomed so many new experiences. And best yet, many of these unexpected experiences were shared with friends old and new. Yet, there were also so many setbacks and a myriad of things that didn’t go according to plan. It’s actually unbelievable that the year ended as well as it did.

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