The Seven Steps to Closure Book Review

The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher

Newly divorced and barely employed, Tara Babcock is at a standstill moment in her life. 30 years old, downtrodden and utterly despaired, it’s been almost one year and still she mourns her marriage. The once believed love of her life has left her for none other than her cousin (and I’m not talking that person who is just a family friend who you’ve known so long that you say you’re related. I’m talking her mother’s sister (aunt’s) daughter kind of cousin).

Unfortunately, things seem to get worse before they get better. As Tara tries to make steps to move forward, shocking events occur as her ex-husband, Jake has announced his political career as he runs for Lord Mayor (a fancy way to say a mayor of a major city) of Sydney. And to make matters worse, he also announces his upcoming nuptials to her cousin, Tash. His face plastered everywhere and her constantly feeling miserable, her best gal pals decided the best thing for her to do is to refocus her energy and follow the advice from a magazine article called Closure in Seven Easy Steps. I mean where else does all great advice come from but for the gospel according to Cosmo.

The Seven Steps to Closure

This book chronicles the steps that Tara takes to finally regain control of her life and let me tell you I absolutely love it! Like many of us, having to start over is daunting and quite frankly scary! Tara, for me, embodies what many of us experience when an unexpected life change occurs. The questions that constantly swim around our minds, questioning how we will recover. The feeling of absolute failure and feeling like our options and possibilities are limited. Luckily, she has a strong support system of gal pals and family to help her through the rocky roller coaster of life.

What I truly appreciated about how this book was written is the feeling like you truly are a part of the conversations as they happen. The feeling of walking alongside our main character as she desperately tries to figure out what to do next and who she is after she has spent so much time being a shadow of herself. I also appreciate that as the book progresses, we not only see growth from Tara, but we see growth and changes in the supporting characters as well. A truly pleasurable reading experience.

My Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Why you should check it out:

If you like light-hearted fun and adventure, then this is surely a must read. If you’re nursing a broken heart……hey the steps just may help you too. Or if you’re just looking for a good read for the train, airport or anywhere really, then take a looksy. I promise you it won’t disappoint!





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