Rib Kage Bar And Grill Monthly Pig Roast

A Succulent Experience at Rib Kage Bar and Grill

Have you ever had a food experience that feels like you just made it one step closer to nirvana? A feeling of euphoria that promises that everything is suddenly right with the world? That is the kind of experience I had when I recently attended the Rib Kage Bar and Grill monthly held pig roast. 

I have to be honest, I never knew the event existed before my friend and fellow blogger Vanessa invited me out to experience what can only described as one of the tastiest experiences around town. The award winning pig roast which is held every last Wednesday of the month is a tantalizing buffet style event that sees patrons flocking to get a bite of the succulent roasted pig that acts as the belle of the ball and the pièce de résistance of the evening.

When I arrived at the newly relocated and reformed Rib Kage; that is now been housed at Sovreign North; a small feeling of nostalgia pulsed through me. Previously located on Constant Spring Road, Braemar Avenue and then briefly at Hope Gardens, Rib Kage was one of those coming of age restaurants that saw many of the teenagers from the metropolitan of Kingston and St. Andrew hosting birthday celebrations and group dinners. Much like Saturday movies at Sovreign and attending high school fairs and barbecues, a dinner celebration at Rib Kage was a sort of rite of passage event.   

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My nostalgia aside, the restaurant was nothing short of modern and chic decor arranged to produce an intimate setting perfect for a night out with friends and family, as well as, a romantic place for a date night. It is definitely the perfect place if you're looking for a relaxed night out. The cozy and mellow vibe already sets the night up to be one for the memory box.

Prior to the beginning of the pig roast, we got a moment to sit down and converse with the owner and masterful chef extraordinaire Gariel Ferguson who not only made us feel welcomed, but also gave us a brief history and rundown of the Rib Kage and its tasty monthly event. The Jamaica Observer food award winning Pig Roast now sees and hosts a combination of long time patrons and new foodies who are lured in by the combination of the serene feel of the restaurant and the amazing delicacies that the restaurant serves.

Now to the meat of the matter. No pun intended. Okay... well maybe a little. The award winning buffet style pig roast begins promptly at 7 pm and goes straight through until the pig is finished. The impressive roasted pig was accompanied by just as scrumptious sides of baked potato croquettes, corn muffins, fresh garden salad with feta cheese, baked macaroni and cheese and sautéed vegetables. The salads were also paired with offerings of passion fruit or balsamic vinaigrette to drizzle for an added flavourful experience. The colourful and appealing display had myself and my two friends already salivating in anticipation of the scrumptious feast that was about to grace our lips.

Oh the food! My lips just smacked involuntarily at the thought of the food. The smoked pork was moist, succulent and fall off the rack tender. Pairing it with the house's flavour packed barbecue sauce was like an orgasmic explosion in your mouth. It felt like one of those food commercials where you see the person take a bite and it is so good that you see a zoom of the whole body's reaction. The taste buds were ecstatic, the brain released endorphins of satisfaction and the belly thanked me for my kindness. It was juicy plus tax and I was not ready!! In just one bite, I finally understood the restaurant's slogan, "Hugged by smoke, Kissed by fire". And that was only the pork.

Who could have told me that I would still not be prepared for the deliciousness of the sides? The  potato croquettes felt like the melted in your mouth. The corn muffin was light and sweet, but not so overpowering as to lose the flavour. The mac and cheese was euphoric with each bite. Even the vegetables did shot! I mean I eat my veggies here and there. But to actually devour vegetables... That is just straight new to me. With each bite I felt like, God is this you? Did you help make this? You have certainly blessed the hands that prepared the meal because this is absolutely heavenly. 

And if you felt like you had experienced it all with the food? Guess again. There signature crafted cocktails and mocktails are the perfect complements to this already orgasmic meal. A refreshing explosion of flavour each sip had you savouring each sip.  We each tried the recommended house special drink, the Thai Me which is a delightful blend of lychee, lemongrass, fresh ginger, gingerale and vodka which served as the proverbial cherry on top for the evening. I also ordered the Lychee Lemongrass Freeze a frozen cocktail whose intricate blend of flavours quenched every tastebuds' desire for more in one sip. 

I am bittersweet in saying that after one plate, we all had to tap out. We were full plus tax. Imagine being at an all you can eat buffet, surrounded by food you have already tasted to be amazing to the head, heart and stomach; and then you are too full to carry on. The devil is a liar on this one. He is a straight liar! But I honestly feel we were just in a state of pure foodie bliss. Our bodies just needed time to process how amazing the food we just had was. And that's the story I am sticking to. 

I would also like to give special praises to the staff. From the moment we entered, to when our food coma led us to leave we felt well taken care of. They were professional, accommodating and always willing to give their personal recommendations on things to try. And usually their picks were A1 and top notch recommendations. I truly appreciated their service, especially in an era when so many establishments seem to forgotten the customer part of customer service.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my experience at the Rib Kage Bar and Grill. The meal not only satisfied the stomach but also the soul. I will definitely be back for another satisfyingly delicious meal.

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If you’re curious as to whether this meal is as good as I say, then try it for yourself. The Rib Kage Pig Roast is held the last Wednesday of every month in its new home in the Sovreign North Complex. For more information and to reserve a table, please call them at (876) 778-7427 or (876) 632-4994. And, you can follow them on their social media platforms: on Instagram and Facebook.

How about you? Have you ever been to Rib Kage before? What was your experience like? Will I see you at the next pig roast? I would love to hear from you. Leave comments down below and share your experience.

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