4 Ways to feel more confident in your swimsuit this summer

Want to get ready to hit the water this summer? Find out how you can feel confident in your swimsuit (even if your summer body hasn’t arrived yet)

Ever since the start of June, the summer season has slowly but surely been creeping its way into our view. I mean the place is already a million degrees hotter than earlier in the year. So if the calendar hadn’t clued you to the impending summer months; the heat surely gave you the swift kick in the butt that says ‘I’m here’. And with the summer season beating down our doors; so enters the season of wearing our swimsuits to head to the beach or pool. Yes that’s right people, it’s swimsuit season.

For so many of us, swimsuit season is met with groans and feeling disappointed in yourself for not slimming down enough to fit into that cute suit you wanted. It’s a time that so many of us women dread. We are no longer able to hide under mountains of clothes (unless you want to risk heatstroke) that we use as armor to cover up all our perceived flaws and imperfections. And trust me for years I was definitely one of those persons who spent weeks dreading the thought of putting on a swimsuit during the summer.

Ways to feel confident wearing a swimsuit this summer

Ways to feel confident wearing a swimsuit this summer

 If you would’ve told me a few years ago that I’d be virtually a swimsuit model (not really but I could be because I do loooove a swimsuit). Or, that some of my most popular posts on Instagram would of me strutting around in my swimsuit; I truly wouldn’t believe it. Honestly, I probably would have laughed you to scorn and called you coo coo. Moreover, if you told me that I’d be doing it at my heaviest weights yet….. Girl, you crazy huh?!!

You see growing up I’ve always been on the chubby side of life. You know plus-sized or curvy if you will. And like any teenage girl who starts noticing her body, I was self-conscious as f-. I dreaded wearing anything that remotely showed up how my body really looked.

Honestly, it wasn’t until I reached college that I felt a bit more at home in a swimsuit and felt confident to parade around to my heart’s content. Which is funny now because from primary (elementary) school straight through to high school, I was a competitive swimmer and water polo player. Weird right? But honestly, wearing a swimsuit for a meet or competition is like a police officer putting on a uniform. It’s a tool of the trade. It’s your uniform and you really don’t think about it. And even then, I’d always rush to cover up once I exited the pool.

But wearing my swimwear for social outings and #sundayfunday days at the beach was unfathomable. In fact, I had even gone to such lengths as convincing myself that I didn’t like the beach so I didn’t need a swimsuit anyways. The beach was uncomfortable. It showed off my flaws and compared me to the skinnier girls. It was like a big blimp saying check out the whale swimming among the fishes. It made me feel self-conscious and really was a blow to my self-esteem. This is the minds of youths people.

The first time I donned an actual swimwear as a ‘sexy swimsuit’ was probably in 2012. I was honestly scared shitless to do it too. I was so meek and shy about showing my body. And to think at that time my body was banging!!! Looking back I honestly wished I had paraded around and strutted my stuff like a peacock back then. I would have definitely had more fun. But like I said, I thought I looked horrible and so I really spent much of the time hiding.

Luckily for me, as the years have progressed; my confidence has improved with my age. Now more than ever I feel comfortable and confident shedding my cover ups and donning my bathing suit at the beach. I love getting a new swimsuit and feel a pang of excitement every time I get to show off my bikini body (my body in a bikini). I know that there are still some of us who aren’t as confident wearing a swimsuit to the beach or pool, so hopefully my tips and tricks can help you feel a little more confident wearing a swimsuit this summer. Want to know how? Then read on.

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Below are a few tips on how you too can feel confident wearing your swimsuit this summer:

1. Find Your Perfect Fit

Over the years, something that has really helped me with my confidence in swimsuits is picking out a swimsuit that fits me like a glove. I tend to lean towards one that not only looks good, but also covers up some of my concerns and accentuates my favourite features.  With so many options of swimwear on the market; don’t feel pressured to go with things that are in trend for the season. Instead, pick something out that complements your body in every way.

We come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. And we all have different assets. We may like our legs way more than we like our guts. Or, we may be a curvy goddess. Whatever it is, choose the right swimsuit for you. Find a swimsuit that you absolutely positively and truly LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! Because when you look good, you feel good. And the perfect swimsuit is one that makes you feel both confident and comfortable in one swoop.

Fun tip: If you’re not comfortable going in stores, welcome to the age of online shopping. There are tonnes of online retailers who cater to women of all shapes and sizes. I personally get my swimsuits from amazon and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Just be sure to read the reviews and really look around for swimsuits you love.

Me in all my instagram swimsuit glory!

Me in all my instagram swimsuit glory!

 2. Practice Makes Perfect

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re swimsuit confidence won’t be built in a day either. A great way to feel better in your swimwear and build up your confidence is to practice. I know you may feel a little silly walking around your home in your swimsuit but it really works.

For the next couple of weeks, just carve out some time to walk around your house in your swimwear. Or, maybe just practice in front of a long mirror where you can see your entire body and check yourself out. Only focus on the good stuff and your assets. Then hype yourself up. Say to yourself ‘Damn girl you’re looking fine a-f. You look so great in that swimsuit. Body good body hot so what!’

The act of wearing your swimsuit more helps you to feel more comfortable having it on. Coupled with positive self-talk and self-love, you’re bound to see an improvement in your attitude towards wearing your swimsuit. As well as, an overall increase in your confidence about wearing swimsuits.

Once your confidence grows a little more than before, then you can take it for a test drive. Possible a small outing with close friends and family (the most supportive ones, (no negative nellies); before any major summer events.


3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone

So I hate to break it to you but you’re not Kim K, Halle Berry, Nicki Minaj or an Instagram baddie modelling the latest brands. Well, unless you are and in that case then keep on and carry on. And if you do happen to be Kim K (highly doubt it but a girl can dream), then I want your mom to adopt me please. I’m ready to enlist in the Kardashian School of Success because your family is killing it. I’m also willing to do a name change. My name will be K’nella or Kornella or another K name like Katherine or Kelly or Kori or Kansas. And I even already have my own black boyfirend too. Just shooting my shot here. Call me!!

Okay, let’s get back to the point now. Like I was saying. The point is that your body isn’t perfect or even close to it. And even though you may not be industry beauty stands or body goals; your body is yours indefinitely. To love, honour and cherish ‘til death do you part. So it doesn’t serve you to be comparing yourself to someone else’s body. You’re beautiful and it’s time you showed it.

Going on a crash diet to try shed those extra pounds or doing a cosmetic procedure isn’t going to really help. It may improve the physical but the mental is still there. Instead of comparing yourself to persons who more than likely have different body shapes and sizes from you; embrace your body in all its glory. Focus on loving yourself flaws and all and you’ll be surprised to see how much of a surge in confidence it brings.

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 4. Just Have Fun

More times than not, people honestly don’t care what you look like in a swimsuit. Most of our ideas and self-consciousness truly comes from and are magnified by our own minds. We magnify our insecurities and then project them unto others. As a result, we get so trapped in our thoughts about what we think others think of us that we end up crippling ourselves in fear. So rather than enjoying the experience, we stand immobile and stuck in our own heads.

What I’ve found over the years is that people don’t care what you look like in a swimsuit. In fact, they are more inclined to compliment you on a cute suit than they are to bash your body in the suit. If you catch someone looking at you, they may just be admiring your swimsuit, love your confidence or just think you’re beautiful in general. Or they really could be daydreaming and not even looking at you at all. Whoops! No one is spending their down time at the beach or pool watching judging you. And if they are, then they’re asses and you probably won’t see them again anyways.

So instead of spending your time worrying what Tom, Dick and Harry or Jessica, Rachael and Rebecca think; just have some fun. Enjoy the opportunity to relax and de-stress. Revel in the glorious waterbody before you. Rediscover the novelties of the beach like dipping your toes in the sand, feeling the cool water beneath your feet or chilling out by the poolside. Once you’re enjoying yourself and you’re day outing, you won’t even care about how you look in a swimsuit.

Bonus tip: Trim the bush, wax the edges and don’t forget summer skin care tips like wearing sunscreen and exfoliating away your dead and dull skin to reveal glowing, healthy skin. Grooming yourself before the beach is a way to put your best self forward. These all add to the overall feeling of self-care and improved self-confidence. And once you’re confident in yourself and it will show.

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Feeling confident in a swimsuit is not about losing weight and having the perfect body. It’s about embracing your body as it is and celebrating yourself in swimwear that makes you feel amazing and look even better. We all have insecurities but don’t let it stop you from having a blissful summer experience. Never stop having fun. Always believe in yourself because you are beautiful.

So that’s all for today folks. I truly hope this post has helped you feel a little more confident to wear a swimsuit this summer. I love hearing from you guys so let’s stay connected on social media. And if you have anymore tips and tricks then feel free to comment them down below.

Until next time…..