Breathtaking Escape to Boston Beach

Breathtaking Escape to Boston Beach

A few years ago, I actually realized that I haven’t traversed my fair island often enough. There are so many amazing wonders and places that I’ve missed but I’m definitely willing to catch up and surround myself in the richness of it all. Today’s journey takes us to the beautiful parish of Portland. Boston Beach to be exact.


Hello Beautiful Portland!!!

Portland is undoubtedly one of my absolute favourite parishes. It actually only comes second to Kingston, my home. Its unmarred setting is just the scenic view needed to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

The vibrancy of the richest blues, the golden sun and ashen brown of the fine but magnificent sand along beautiful mile-long beaches, takes my breath away with each trip. Coupled and interspersed with the lush evergreen country side, cool and refreshing rivers, plummeting waterfalls, deep and awe-inspiring caves and towering protective hills; all reflecting the God-given beauty that is Portland, Jamaica. And like a moth to a flame, the serene nature of the parish is just a lure that I cannot refuse.

I was fortunate enough to venture off into this amazing parish with my friends and land at the breathtakingly beautiful Boston Beach.

Boston Beach Jamaica

How to get there

Located approximately 9 miles from the parish capital, Port Antonio, Boston beach is a coastal community on the northern part of Jamaica. The public beach is one of country’s favourite waterfront chill spots that has even attracted a few surfers (actually one of the few beaches in Jamaica that attracts surfers). Equipped with an amazing scenery, a diving cliff, hammocks for relaxing and their infamous jerk delicacies (YUM!!!!), a day at Boston Beach is one of pure, unadulterated bliss.

Depending on the route you take, the journey from Kingston to Portland takes anywhere from 2 hours to 3.5 hours. Think the journey seems a little long? Don’t worry!! The drive is so scenic that you’ll be in awe just on the drive to Portland.


What to do

It had been a few years since I visited the beach. Almost 8 years to be exact. Wowza! And there were a few notable changes. The first of which is that there is now a small entrance fee to the beach. For the ‘whopping’ cost of J $200 ( $1. 61 USD though the price may be a little higher), you gain entry to this lovely tropical escape.

Once we entered, we made our way to the uber clean changing rooms to change into our swimwear. Then it was off to the beach to be lulled and enveloped by the calming waves. The sea itself is protected by an offshore reef which helps to soothe the restless waters.



Wait there’s more

While my friends and I didn’t partake in this. There are also surfing lessons that are offered by the local surfers (for a small fee of course).

*Did you know? Surfing in Boston Beach has been going on since the 1960’s!!!! It’s actually the beach where surf in Jamaica started. So Cowabunga dudes!!!*

There’s also snorkeling and windsurfing lessons and equipment available (for a small fee of course).


 I’m hungry, now what? Where’s the foooooood?

Not ready to ride the waves? Looking for more of a foodie adventure? Feeling peckish after splish splashing in the sea? Then look no further than the world renowned home of jerk. Boston Jerk Center is the most salivating location you’ll ever travel to. Birthplace to jerk pork and jerk chicken, the art form of jerk is mastered by the connoisseurs at Boston Jerk. Enjoy a scrumptious meal that will leave your tastebuds rewarded and begging for more.

The best display of the jerk-awesomeness is the annually-held Boston Jerk Festival during the summer. This pits the best of the best against each other in order to find Jamaica’s top Jerk place and jerk seasoning. The winner sees a year of bragging rights and has their recipe bottled, among other perks.


 The secret is out

Boston Beach is truly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.  It is the total package for a day of pure relaxation and bliss. I definitely had an amazing time with my friends.

Whether you’re planning you’re next trip to Jamaica or you are a Jamaican looking for a fun day trip with family or friends. Boston Beach is perfect for you! I would DEFINITELY recommend a trip. You will not regret it!!!!









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