Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It by Charlamagne Tha God

Book Review: Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

A few  months ago I made a post about my recent discovery and love affair with audiobooks. Oh how summer love blossoms and blooms beyond your wildest dreams. On the list I dutifully highlighted my main squeezes and baes (a girl can love more than one and still be faithful to all you know!) and told you a little about the premise of the books.

One of the books I highlighted and lamented on was Black Privilege by Charlamagne tha God. Before we go any further, I must admit that I’m not too up-to-date on popular media personalities. Afterall, I was only introduced to Charlamagne and the rest of the Breakfast Club earlier this year (I’m talking April people….scratches record and drops mic as everyone stares in confusion…….aye yi yi) but……. as soon as I was introduced, I became an instant fan. Some might say that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

So when my boyfriend kept going on and on about the book Charlamagne wrote I’m like I’ll give it a little gander. I mean I do love a good read. At the same time I found out audible was having a promo where you get 2 free credits once you signed up for 30 days so….2+2 is 4-1 is 3 quick maths……. I decide what a great way to experience both of these novelties.

My Review:

Born Lenard McKelvey, Charlamagne’s story begins in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The eldest son in the family, Charlamagne speaks on how he started out as a nerdy kid who used to read books in exchange for a Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizza on a Fridays until one faithful day when a statement faux pas set him on a course that nearly destroys his life.

Shameless, blunt and honest, he openly and unapologetically discusses how he went from a smart bookworm to class clown to criminal and high school dropout and then finally climb out of the gutters to become one of radio’s top personality as part of the Breakfast Club trio.

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

This book is structured as a type of self-help memoir where he juxtaposes the stories from his life and vividly details his experiences and then ties them into the 8 guiding principles that he believes has made him successful and will also make you successful.

My personal favorite philosophy of his is the ‘PYP principle’. According to Charlamagne in life there are 3 P’s to live by– you either choose your Passion which leads to Prosperity, choose your Poison which leads to Pain or choose Procrastination which leads to Nowhere. He highlights that everything we do in life and everything that happens as a result is a matter of our choices. We can blame society for not giving us opportunity, we can blame our parents for ruining us, we can blame everything on life on all the things we see as disadvantages to us, but at the end of the day where we are in life (good or bad) is really just the sum result of our choices. Being alive, authentic and making choices are your privileges and if you use them to best of your abilities, it will lead to success.

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

Heavily influenced by hip hop, he speaks on how his love of hip hop has brought him to places of both prosperity and desolation. He recalls how as a young directionless teenager with little options and seeming lack of opportunity, hip hop acted as a catalyst for his continued mischief as he tried to mirror the major acts of the day. But on the flipside, as he rose from the gutters, hip hop also became a catalyst for motivation to keep pushing the boundaries, keep moving forward and to use his past as a stepping stone for success.

What I truly appreciate about this book is that you get the real story literally from the horse’s mouth. It truly immerses you into the author’s world. You’re not only able to read the words that have blessed the pages from the author’s hand but you’re also able to hear the changes in intonation, get an idea of the expressions on their faces by how they deliver the words and even have quips and ideas shared with you that may have popped up into the author’s head as they recall the events of their lives.

Black Privilege

This book is gold really! The little gems and pearls of wisdom that Charlamagne shares in each chapter of this book are truly priceless. This book acts as a guide and self-help book to anyone truly looking to transform themselves and their lives.

And if all of that isn’t good enough for you……. this book is funny as hell!!! The stories Charlamagne share are downright, side in stitches hilarious. TRUST ME!!!

I honestly believe this book is one of the  MUST READS or LISTENS for 2017 and beyond.



If you like a great story, witty author and a swift rev to your motivation engine, then this is a must read. If you’re a lover of hip hop (especially old school hip hop) and hip hop references, then give it a looksy. If you like a good rags to riches, Mr. Miagi and the karate kid type rise from the ashes despite grave obstacles….then give it a go. If you want a laugh out loud pure gem of literature then get the book. Or if you’re just looking for a good read for the train, airport or anywhere really, then grab a copy. I promise you it won’t disappoint!