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The Seven Steps to Closure Book Review

Newly divorced and barely employed, Tara Babcock is at a standstill moment in her life. 30 years old, downtrodden and utterly despaired, it’s been almost one year and still she mourns her marriage. The once believed love of her life has left her for none other than her cousin

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Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin

Tribes by Seth Godin. There are probably a myriad of quotes about how our social circle impacts our lives. We’ve heard our parents say them, we’ve heard our teachers say it, we’ve heard them as quotes in movies and we’ve seen them plastered everywhere. Therefore, there’s no denying that at some point in your life, you have probably heard something like this.

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Book Review: Make it Count: Tips on Unlocking Your Vision by Nicole McLaren Campbell

For many of us a New Year symbolizes an opportunity for a fresh start. We envision our slates have been wiped clean and Voila! We are suddenly better and more improved versions of ourselves. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of showing us who’s boss and reminding us that a New Year doesn’t mean a thing without a new attitude and a new work ethic to back up all the resolutions that we’ve been stacking up since Y2k!

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