The Royal Treatment: A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Book 1


The Royal Family of the sovereign state of Avonia is in some major ish. The new Prime Minister (backed by some major outcry throughout the country) has decided that the country no longer needs the royals anymore and is preparing to call a referendum to oust them once and for all.

Prince Arthur, the ultra sexy future king of Avonia is not about to go down without a fight. Reflecting on the monarchy’s all-time low popularity with the citizens and on the helm of his dethroning, he hatches a seemingly hair-brained scheme (in his defense he was piss drunk at the time) to regain the people’s favour by allowing the Royal Family’s biggest critic (The Royal Watchdog) to come and spend two months at the palace. His hope is to try to convince the critic to change their mind and use their influence to support the monarch’s continued rule, but when things set into motion will he get more than he asked for? Will he successfully win over the Royal Watchdog and save his family or will the bricks of the palace all finally come tumbling down?

Tessa Sharpe is a former news reporter turned blogger. Known infamously as The Royal Watchdog, she thinks it’s time the country stepped into the modern era and get rid of royalty all together. She absolutely hates everything about the royals. She thinks they are a lot of leeches that suck on all the country’s resources and provide nothing beneficial in return. The worse of the lot she believes is Prince Arthur, the lazy, arrogant, too good-looking for his own good crown prince of Avonia. So when he shockingly extends her an invitation to live with him at the castle for 2 months, although weary, she packs her stuff and moves in for the allotted time. But rather than help the prince, her plan is to dig up as much dirt as possible and use it as ammunition to put an end to the royal tyranny once and for all. Will she be the straw that breaks the camel’s back or will she be lured to something beyond her wildest dreams?

The Royal Treatment Melanie Summers


Three cheers for Melanie Summers because she just brought the modern romance game up 10 notches. This book is beyond hilarious and ridiculously funny. It was a laugh out loud, leave you in stitches, read every chance you could, didn’t want to put it down but knew you have to work to pay the bills kind of book. I just love this book!!!

The characters were so relatable. Tessa the smart and amusing, yet very uncoordinated and pretty much will be caught in every awkward moment ever is the epitome of the awkwardness and just trying to make ends meet that many young females experience as we enter the world of adulting. And Prince Arthur embodies all the great expectations we feel like we have to fulfill yet aren’t fully sure how to do it. These two are a double dose of fun yet they still bring an aspect of realisticness to the table.

The writing was so detailed and descriptive that I truly felt like I was truly apart of the story and experiencing everything as it happened. The use of modern experiences and current events just even further added to experience. Trust me just read it for yourself and you will see how ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaazing this book truly is. This is truly a MUST READ for every bibliophile out there. Grab your copy today!!!!




If you like light-hearted fun and a royal adventure, then this is surely a must read. If you were a fan of fairy tales growing up and want an update on what life would be like from a modern perspective then give it a gander. Or if you’re just looking from an excellent book from a great author, then this book is for YOU!!!