Serene Getaway at Strawberry Fields Together

One of the most wonderful and beautiful things about living in Jamaica is that I have access to year-long sunshine and some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Without worry of freezing cold, blinding snow or slippery icy roads, I have the freedom to explore and travel across my island and explore all the amazing nuggets we had nestled away. And I recently found one those nuggets.

Just a little over an hour away from Kingston and tucked away in the cool rural parish of St. Mary lies a true hidden gem. After exiting the Junction road, bear left at the roundabout and westwards into St. Mary. Less than 10 minutes later you will come upon the turn off for Robin’s Bay. You will drive further on the road and into the community and there you will find Strawberry Fields Together (you really need to look out for the sign as you drive along because you may just miss the turn in).

Strawberry Fields Together

Strawberry Fields Together was a much needed and well-deserved escape from the hustling and bustling city life of Kingston. Now although to the first-worlder, Kingston is not a massive city like New York or Shanghai, in recent years Kingston has been evolving and is quickly getting a more metropolitan transformation and feel. Endless traffic, towering buildings, busy streets and blaring lights can be too much to take in sometimes and a rural escape seems to be the remedy for this city girl.

The privately owned property is owned and operated by Kim Chase and Everton Mckenzie. Named after the popular Beatles song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, it hosts an array of visitors for day trips and overnight stays alike. Lying along one of the last stretches of undeveloped coastline, the vast property in Robin’s bay is secluded and well-preserved. Its secluded location and natural atmosphere is absolutely awe-inspiring and adds to the relaxing feel and rustic vibe of the environment. The surroundings unspoilt by modernization and unscathed from commercial development, truly allows one to rekindle their relationship with mother nature.



Once I got there, I was given my keys, and then made my way over to my cottage. I stayed in the ‘To di world’ master suite cottage, an upper level part of a duplex (both of which pay homage to Jamaica’s own Usain Bolt. The lower level is actually called Lightning bolt), which had a shared kitchen facility. Although I had immediate neighbouring guests, the unit was so self-contained that I was not disturbed by anyone of the other guests. The cottage itself had a very earthy and outdoorsy feel to it. With much of the room stylized and fashioned with wood and stone including a shower separation made out of bamboo. The room also boasts a balcony with relaxing hammocks and a brilliant view of majority of the property. The balcony had a little slit which remained opened, so the combination of the sea breeze and crashing waves was so soothing. (There is no door to separate the balcony and the actually room so the little slit openeing can feel not very private at times). There is no TV but there is wifi so you can connect your devices if needs be. The kitchen facility came fully equipped with a stove, coffee maker, pots, places, glasses and utensils. So if you fancy a meal all you really need to do is bring your food.

Just a little note: Each room/cottage has a unique design and décor individualized to the room’s distinctive personality.


What to do:

You can spend the days to enjoy the full experience of the unspoilt rustic beauty. The crystal clear blue waters and fine sandy beach is perfect for swimming, trying to get that perfect tan or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. The constant sound of the waves lapping against the shoreline is absolute music to the ears. The natural balance of the cool sea breeze and sunshine take care of everything.

However, if you’re not a beach bum or a lost mermaid, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers that encapsulates the grounds while having a delicious picnic with your loved ones. You can enjoy a day filled with games reminiscent of your best childhood memories. Or you can lie in the grass and watch the clouds sail by.

They usually offer guided tours Kwame Falls and Black Sand Beach. However I never took advantage of those options while I was there.


What to eat:

There is a restaurant on property, however my guest and I chose to hone our culinary skills and cooked while we were there. But from what I’ve been told the food is absolutely delicious albeit a little pricey. Named the 2015 Jamaica Observer Table talk Food Awards culinary gem for the parish of St. Mary, the restaurant caters a menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. With Jamaican favourites such as rice and peas/festival/bammy with chicken, fish, curried goat or lobster (when in season) to a done to order vegetarian meal inclusive of  stir fry veggies with almonds, black beans and tofu. The Strawberry Field’s Together restaurant has everything to suit all palates.


The actual road to Strawberry Fields Together needs a lot of work. Potholes galore so if you drive a low car, it hurts your soul as you are forced to drive through each pothole.

There were a few power outages during our stay.

It can be pretty costly to eat at the restaurant as it is charged per meal and per person.


Overall Experience:

This eco-friendly resort is an oasis of sheer majestic beauty and natural wonder. It’s the perfect escape you need from the busy towns and cities and experience a little bit of the serene side of Jamaica. I eagerly anticipate my next visit.

Below I've attached a few more inages of the breathtaking view from Strawberry Fields Together! I do hope you enjoy!

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Need more information? You can visit their website: Strawberry Fields Together Website

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