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For many, Valentine’s Day is absolutely wonderful. It's a time to celebrate and revel in love. But if you're single; All the single people! All the single people! All the single people, put your hands up! You may be feeling more 'ugh' than you do 'ahhh ain't love grand'. Ba humbug to all the lovebirds out there and all the red & white reminders of a Valentine-less year. You’re just tired of seeing all the couples on your timeline posting all these mushy gushy pictures and comments. Yuck! What is a single person to do?


Go natural jamaica: a healthy living oasis

Nestled in the serene oasis of Longbay, Portland, the Go Natural Jamaica is a Yoga and Wellness retreat located right here in Jamaica. It lies along the Portland coast; encapsulated by the lush evergreen of the cool hills and mountains which appears to melt seamlessly into the clear blue crystals of the Caribbean sea. Even on entry one can feel the release of the calming and soothing energy that promises to relax the mind as you detox the body.


Earth Elements Tumeric & lime mask

For the most part my skin has minimal pimples unless my diet is poor. My skin is very unforgiving of a poor diet and becomes a walking billboard for acne. However, what I do have is hyperpigmentation and dark spots that have been left behind after years of having an acne-riddled face. So when I saw that this product would help even skin tone and leave my skin looking brighter and healthier, I was like ‘Yes Please and Thank You!’ and I knew I had to start using as soon as possible.