My 2018 Adventure List

My 2018 Adventure List

I’ve always had the twinkle of wanderlust in my eye. The burning desire to travel aimlessly with only a passion of new culture and new experiences. I absolutely love adventure and the opportunity to roam freely from place to place, to find beautiful places to get lost. We are born explorers and adventurers and I revel to traverse into uncharted lands.

My love for travel is only limited by one thing…………… My budget. My finances have not yet caught up to my nomadic spirit. However, I’ve always been a determined soul and I’ve found new ways to quench my thirst for adventure while still ensuring I have house and home.

My 2018 Adventure List

 Enter Staycations!!! Staycations have been my travel saviors for a while now and I couldn’t be happier. To roam and discover new places in your own backyard is truly a blessing. I love being able to venture off on a day trip or weekend getaway and really experience and appreciate the beauty that my country has to offer. And with a brand new year, new adventures and new horizons await. I must admit that I have a massive list of places I want to visit and things I want to do. But I don’t usually have it broken down or organized in a list of things I wish to yearly.  I may scribble a few places down or may not even have any rhyme or reason to where I choose to visit, however this year I’ve been inspired by Rochelle from Adventures from Elle and her Bucket List to really compile a list of places that I’m just eager to visit in 2018. So continue on to see my 2018 adventure list:


1. Visit Green Grotto Caves

This has been on my adventure list for a little while now and I just never seem to have gotten around to visiting it. I’m so excited to go this year that I placed it at the top of my list. Fingers crossed that I’ll finally get to cross it off!

Explore a cave


2. Learn  to Surf

I blame Disney and all manner of surfing-themed television shows and movies for this. I’ve just always had this lure and desire to learn to surf. They make it look so fun. So this year I hope to finally learn how to surf.


3. Cliff Dive at Rick’s Cafe

For those of you who have already seen my post on Rick’s Cafe then you may have noticed that I chickened out and did not jump off the cliff. The longer I stayed, the longer I lost my nerve. I’m hoping this year I can change that and finally make the leap from Rick’s Cafe.

ricks cafe


4. Go Ziplining

 Zip zip zoop! Ever since I first heard about zip lining back in 2011/2012, I’ve had this inkling to try it. I long to take in some breathtakingly views as I glide across nature. The past few times I tried to make it happen turned out to be a bust so I’m hoping to put foot to pavement this year and finally cross this off my list.


5. Go Parasailing/ Paragliding

 Speaking of breathtaking views! Though I haven’t quite mustered up the guts to skydive yet and bungee jumping looking dim and not so likely, I feel like paragliding and parasailing might just be the next best thing for me. I’m able to get the views for a fraction of the fear. Talk about winning!!!

My 2018 Adventure List


6. Spend the day at Kool Runnings Water Park

I’ve been wanting to go to Kool Runnings for years now. It just seems like such fun to splish splash and go on the water slides and I plan to make this year the year I finally go.


7. Visit Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of my country’s most famous vacation hotspots. With deep blue on open waters, theres no question why it’s a visitor must. Unfortunately after all these years I have never been. But I think it’s time to change that and this year is going to be the year I do.

My 2018 Adventure List


8. Have a fun day at Mystic Mountain

This adventure park has so much to offer that I can’t wait to visit. It even has things off my adventure list this year like zip lining. I could kill a couple birds with one stone by going there. Plus it will be uber fun!!!!


9. Go Whitewater Rafting/ Tubing

I went to a family reunion a few years aback and saw so many people rafting and tubing and it looked so fun and relaxing. I said then and there that I must do it. Years later it’s still on my adventure list but this time I’m going to get it done. Yeah!!!


10. Visit a waterfall ( I’m stuck between Reggae Falls, Kwame Falls and Reach Falls)

Last year I saw an article about waterfalls that most Jamaicans don’t know about and I must admit I really didn’t know most of these places existed. The accompanying pictures though were so beautiful that I thought I must visit a waterfall in 2018. And so here I am, just a girl with her blog wanting to visit a waterfall and I just can’t wait.

My 2018 Adventure List


There you have it folks! My adventure list for 2018. I’m hoping to cross everything off this year so fingers crossed and time allowing I get it all done. How about you guys? Have anything you really want to do in 2018? Ready to join me? Tell me down in the comments. I looooooove hearing from you guys! Ready for an amazing year?  Well let’s do this! And don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and pin the images.








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My 2018 Adventure List