Book Review: Make it Count: Tips on Unlocking Your Vision by Nicole McLaren Campbell

Book Review: Make it Count: Tips to Unlocking Your Vision by Nicole McLaren Campbell

For many of us a New Year symbolizes an opportunity for a fresh start. We envision our slates have been wiped clean and Voila! We are suddenly better and more improved versions of ourselves. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of showing us who’s boss and reminding us that a New Year doesn’t mean a thing without a new attitude and a new work ethic to back up all the resolutions that we’ve been stacking up since Y2k! Yes it’s time to throw away our old New Year, New Me mentality and just rethink how we want to tackle our goals ans manifest our big dreams in 2018.

It’s been a couple weeks into the New Year so far. As we get closer to the end of the January, this is the time when New Year’s Goals and Resolutions begin to wax and wane or we begin to hem and haw on our decisions to change, grow and transform into better versions of ourselves. It’s the time of the year when our obstacles and mountains seem impossible and the temptation to return to our shells of comfort became the most enticing. It’s the time when we have to decide to go forth into fantastic new adventures or remain the same and be disappointed that we didn’t try to overcome ourselves or jump/step/crawl over our hurdles. Yes ladies and gents, the New Year’s sparkle is no longer blinding and the reality dust has set in.

If you’re on the verge of quitting your goals and putting away your dreams, then I’m here to remind you that it’s never to late. You can achieve your goals and dreams, once you have the determination and you’re willing to use a little elbow grease. And sometimes all we really need is a little help and someone to guide our steps in the right direction.


 Enter Nicole McLaren Campbell

An educator with a pretty impressive background and a lot to say on how you can make everything you do in your life count towards achieving your wildest dreams. In her book, Make it Count: Tips on Unlocking Your Vision, she covers 5 areas that she believes needs to be mastered before you can really make major changes in your life. Now let’s add the fact that this rockstar is a Jamaican. Now we know we have a scrumptious cake and I had to take a bite to see if it’s as delectable as it looks.

Make it Count By Nicole Mclaren Campbell

My Review:

I must admit I love seeing my fellow Jamaicans thrive and conquer. I love seeing them follow their dreams and accomplish all their goals, no matter how slowly they come. And that is exactly what this education superstar has done.

I originally purchased this book in February 2017 and read it off like a breeze. It was an effortless and enticing read that left me salivating for more as I read each page. Likkle but tallawah (Jamaican expression meaning small but packs a lot of power or is strong and not to be underestimated), this book packs a lot of useful advice in one punch.

Make it Count By Nicole Mclaren Campbell

My first introduction to this book came via social media. I had been following the author’s instagram page for a while now and always found her to a bubble of motivating energy. So when it was announced that she had written a book, I quickly hopped on amazon and secured my ebook kindle copy.

This book is structured as a type of self-help memoir where the author uses her own personal stories of self-doubt and obstacles to encourage and motivate others to overcome and flourish. Each chapter covers and follows the 5 key areas that she believes must be mastered in order to attain true success.


Mainly routed in an academic journey from St. Andrew High School for girls here in Jamaica; to Andover Boarding school and on to Princeton University and beyond; she openly discusses a deep-seated fear that afflicts many of us on our academic journeys. Are we smart enough? Are we good enough? Do we belong here? These were certainly my personal fears during medical school when I sometimes suffered from ‘impostor syndrome’ and felt like I didn’t belong even though I was more than capable to soar. 

This book is straddled with not only Nicole’s personal stories, but rather she also shares motivational quotes and ideas from personalities who have been instruments of motivation in her life and who have in times have doubt have been huge picker-uppers and sources of momentum to keep her going.

All in all, I found this book to be a continuous source of motivation, inspiration and a swift kick to the buttock that was needed to spur me into action. It covers core ideas and principles in a very simplified and easily understood way that truly helps one to highlight, prioritize and really get to work on achieving their dreams and fulfilling their life purposes. Through the knowledge and wisdom produced in this book one can not only identify their goals but also find their faults, flaws and self-determined obstacles that stand in their way and actually have some ideas on how to fix them and push towards your goals.

My only drawbacks were that the book was a little too short (though I also see this as a positive in some regards as you can reread as often as you’d like and it won’t be a major time sucker plus it was very to the point and I liked that) and I felt I wanted a more personal story and journey. Yes it followed her academic and business journey but I just felt it needed a little more of a personal touch to make this book beyond perfect.

Other than the above mentioned issues, this book is an amazing source of inspiration to get you back on track to your 2018 goals.




If you like a great story and a swift rev to your motivation engine, then this is a must read. Maybe you’re trying to revive your goals and get back on track to achieving them in 2018, then this is definitely the book for you. If you want a book with practical tips and advice on how to take charge of your life, from your mindset to your habits and truly make it count, then check it out. Or if you’re just looking for a good read for the train, airport or anywhere really, then grab a copy. I promise you it won’t disappoint!


So how about you? Have you read the book? Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!






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